Would you recognize a bald, goateed Channing Tatum?

Even celebrities want a break from being themselves every now and then.

To get a taste of the not-quite-as-good-life, these stars have gone undercover as everything from secretaries to wax statues – and made some sidesplitting videos in the process.

DJ Khaled

The DJ and Snapchat sensation recently channeled his alter ego “Billy,” a locksmith and part-time Lyft driver, for an undercover New York City stint with the transportation company.

“Billy” drops hints about his true identity throughout the rides. “I’ve got all the keys, the keys to everything,” he tells one passenger. Adding to another, “The key is to look out for everybody’s safety, that’s a major key.”

One passenger turns out to be a huge fan of Khaled’s. “There are days where I really don’t know what I’m doing and all I got to do is turn on Snapchat be like, ‘Alright, what is DJ Khaled doing today, how is he going to inspire me today,’ ” she says. Meanwhile, another patron accuses the star of being “dramatic,” much to Khaled’s chagrin.

Khaled isn’t the only celeb who has gotten behind the wheel as a Lyft driver. The singer took a break from her tour with Nick Jonas to try her hand at the gig.

Lovato dropped hints about her true identity as she chatted away with the unsuspecting passengers, even telling one “customer” that she’s “been traveling the country with my ex-boyfriend’s brother.” She also used her incognito escapade as a chance to poke a little fun at herself. “I don’t know, she’s got like a weird chin though. Like her chin looks like a butt,” she joked before making the big reveal.

Kylie Jenner, Kendall Jenner and Khloé Kardashian

The famous siblings attempted to step out undercover as homely tourists Sam, Natalie and Dottie.

Despite their wigs, face molds and body suites, the paparazzi managed to spot the trio, so Kylie decided to document their Hollywood tour bus adventure on Snapchat before more photos leaked.

The brawny actor de-hunked for a very special screening of Magic Mike XXL, interviewing audience members as Scott Hasley, a supposed marketing executive with a balding head and goatee. When the screening began, strippers flooded the theater and treated the crowd to some twerking and topless back flips. Tatum revealed his true identity after doing some lap dances as “Scott,” sending the crowd into a frenzy.


Funny or Die convinced the songstress to hit a karaoke bar as a businesswoman named “Karen.” After some coaxing from her faux-colleagues, she took to the stage and treated the audience to some Jewel songs. “It was the first time that there’s ever been an encore here,” one bar patron noted.

Daniel Radcliffe

From boy wizard to … receptionist? Radcliffe took over the Nylon offices for a stint as the magazine’s secretary. The actor was a little overwhelmed by the demands of the job, but as employees took notice of their new, high-profile colleague, he had to worry more about taking selfies than directing messengers.

David Beckham

The soccer star dressed as a Target cologne salesman for Ellen Degeneres’ amusement. Beckham got shoppers to try his own cologne – and even tried to get one to steal a bottle – as he took instructions from the talk show host through an earpiece.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

With the help of Madame Tussauds in Hollywood, Schwarzenegger pulled off a hilariously terrifying throwback to his Terminator days to raise awareness for the After-School All-Stars charity. The actor walked around town in his cyborg getup and then headed to the wax museum to shock patrons by pretending to be one of the figures. And yes, he made a baby cry.


The vocal powerhouse made a few Adele impersonators’ lives when she disguised herself for an “audition.” Donning a prosthetic nose and chin, the star transformed into “Jenny” and took to the stage to perform “Make You Feel My Love.” She barely got a note out before the actual Adele impersonators realized they were in the presence of the queen herself.