He lit a crack pipe in front of his horrified recovery sponsor, according to N.Y. newspaper

By Bob Meadows
September 01, 2009 03:25 PM
Kwaku Alston

In his final days, DJ AM’s drug addiction spun out of control to the point where he lit up a crack pipe in front of his horrified recovery sponsor, according to a newspaper account.

The New York Post reported Tuesday that the deejay, whose real name was Adam Goldstein, promised the day before he died to check himself into rehab. Goldstein, 36, was found dead Aug. 28 at his Manhattan apartment.

Asked if the newspaper account was accurate, Goldstein’s rep replied to PEOPLE.com, “As soon as his friends, representation and his AA sponsor learned that he relapsed, which was only a couple days before he passed away, they sprung into action to try and get him to agree to go to rehab.”

The Post, citing investigators who spoke to Goldstein’s friends, reports that he had recently been missing appointments and acting erratically. His West Coast manager and recovery sponsor were so concerned that they flew to New York to confront Goldstein. According to the paper, Goldstein would only let his sponsor inside his apartment – then lit up a crack pipe and popped pills in front of his horrified friend.

During the encounter, Goldstein reportedly promised his sponsor that he would check himself into a rehab clinic in California following a gig in Las Vegas on Friday night. But when it came time to leave for the flight to the gig at the Palms Casino Resort, the people who were traveling with him couldn’t get a hold of him. The worried friends directed cops to his apartment, where they found Goldstein’s lifeless body. An initial autopsy was inconclusive, but further tests are being conducted.

Goldstein’s apartment was littered with drugs including painkillers and anti-anxiety medications, the Post reports. Goldstein, who survived a plane crash last year, constantly asked doctors for anti-anxiety medication, his friends reportedly told investigators.


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