The pair take their drums-and-DJ act on the road – driving, with Shanna Moakler

By Mark Gray
January 08, 2009 10:15 AM
Derek Steele/BuzzFoto

Travis Barker and DJ AM’s road to recovery led them to Las Vegas Wednesday.

It was the first time they performed their DJ and drum set, called TRVSDJAM, in Vegas since they survived the September plane crash that killed four others. Their first show back was on New Year’s Eve in L.A.

“Welcome back home,” the DJ at LAX Nightclub said as he introduced Barker, 33, and DJ AM, 35 (real name: Adam Goldstein).

As for their mode of transportation to Sin City from L.A., the boys stuck with the ground. Their company on the drive: Barker’s ex, Shanna Moakler.

At Barker’s side as he walked into the club, Moakler quickly headed to a VIP table to watch the 45-minute set. She was joined at the table by Dr. Dre.

Though Barker and Goldstein didn’t speak to the crowd, they certainly seemed thrilled as they whipped from hip hop songs to rock and from country to pop.

“They haven’t missed a beat,” said an audience member.