The Chicks covered the song as part of their set at Neil Young's Bridge School Benefit concert

By Alex Heigl
October 27, 2015 01:40 PM
Credit: Steve Jennings/WireImage; Inset: Getty

Turns out, video games go pretty well with fiddles.

Neil Young‘s annual Bridge School Benefit show raises money for education for children with disabilities, and every year, we tend to get a few great memories from the show. This year, Ryan Adams improvised a song about a shirtless man in the audience, but he was topped by Dixie Chicks, who turned in a beautifully twangy version of Lana Del Rey‘s slacker-love anthem, “Video Games” during their set.

The Chicks’ version predictably leaves out the synths and atmospherics of Del Rey’s song, but keeps the swooning strings, thanks to Martie Maguire’s fiddle. And while there’s probably not that much overlap between the rest of Del Rey’s “Gangsta Nancy Sinatra” oeuvre and that of the Chicks, sometimes the best covers come from unexpected places.

But you know, we hope this doesn’t stop the band from coming out with a new album. (Cough cough hint hint.)