'Divergent' 's Shailene Woodley Is Only Afraid of These 3 Things

The starlet's character Tris has seven fears, but is Woodley more fearless?

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In the new film Divergent, Shailene Woodley plays Tris Prior, a teen who battles her worst fears in a post-apocalyptic world divided by factions.

In the movie, Theo James‘s character Four says, “Fear doesn’t shut you down. It wakes you up.” Indeed, facing one’s greatest fears is a major theme of the Divergent series.

Woodley told PEOPLE, “The movie really taught me that there is just no room for fear. Zero … I’m like Tris in that fear stimulates me in a way. If something is a little bit scary, I am going to do it, because I want the challenge. I want to see what my body and mind and heart can do.”

In Divergent, Tris Prior has seven big things that scare her; Woodley shares three of her own fears below:

1. Submarines

“Being submerged underwater in a submarine, I think that would be one [fear] of mine. Just the claustrophobia of being underwater. I grew up in the ocean and in lakes – so I am comfortable in the water and a good swimmer – but being in a submarine underwater sounds awful.”

2. Outer Space

“Space. No interest in going to space. It is so unknown.”

3. Kate Winslet

“She is such a powerhouse … She is maybe the only actor I’ve ever acted against that I was intimidated by – not because of who she was, but just because she is so good as an actress.”

• Reporting by Patrick Gomez

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