The burlesque star and Marilyn Manson can laugh about their divorce – "sort of"

By Tim Nudd
Updated August 03, 2007 11:00 PM

Dita Von Teese is resigned to the idea that people will continue to associate her with ex-husband Marilyn Manson, but says she’s now looking for someone with a “moderate lifestyle.”

“It’s like having a tattoo,” Von Teese, 34, says of her failed marriage to Manson, 38, in a lengthy new interview with Radar. “It’s a part of my life and will always be part of my life. I don’t regret a thing. Of course, it’s something I’d like to not have to talk about five years from now, but I don’t care either way. If people always associate me with him, that’s fine.”

The burlesque star filed for divorce from the rocker in December after one year of marriage and six years together. She later said Manson had been having an “inappropriate relationship” with another woman while they were married. She did not name the woman, though Manson has since been dating actress Evan Rachel Wood.

Von Teese says she stayed in the marriage for a while because she thought, “I can do this. I can take whatever is dished out. But eventually you ask, ‘What is my quality of life at this point?’ ”

When the marriage did dissolve, she says it was difficult to hear Manson dissect it publicly in interviews. At one point, Manson told Spin, “I came out of this [relationship] naked, a featherless bird.”

Von Teese says, “It’s unfortunate to have my divorce exploited for record sales. ‘Shock rocker,’ I suppose. That was the shock.”

Asked if she thinks his comments were overblown by the media, she says, “I don’t think it was the press. It was a matter of, ‘Hey, maybe you shouldn’t drink absinthe and do cocaine and do interviews all at the same time.’ I think there were regrets about things that were said.”

But she adds that it doesn’t sting like it once did. “We’re in touch,” she says. “And we can kind of laugh at it all. Sort of.”

A rep for Manson did not immediately return calls for comment.

Looking to the future, Von Teese, who is now single, says there isn’t a particular type of guy that she’s attracted to – but she would like to be with someone who isn’t drawn to extremes.

“I’m just really excited to meet someone that has a passion for life and wants to have adventures and have a good time,” she says. “Someone who has a moderate lifestyle, and doesn’t swing back and forth. … The good news is that I’m very moderate myself.”

In addition to her showgirl act, Von Teese is currently hosting the Independent Film Channel mini-series Indie Sex.

Manson released his sixth studio album, Eat Me, Drink Me, in June.