Better start stocking up now

Credit: Courtesy Disney Store

It was just over 20 years ago that the world went bonkers for Beanie Babies, Ty’s simple stuffed animals full of, well, beans.

Two decades after the Beanie bonanza, the critters aren’t worth thousands like some had hoped, and many collections have been relegated to the basement closet. But the rise and fall of Beanie Babies hasn’t stopped other stuffed animals trends. The digitally connected Webkinz took off in 2005, and now it appears to be Tsum Tsum’s turn.

Tsum Tsum are pill-shaped plushies of varying sizes with the faces of popular Disney characters, and they are selling out fast, reports The New York Times. The toys were introduced to Disney Japan last year as an offshoot of the company’s popular, Tetris-like mobile app. Both Tsum Tsum incarnations have seen soaring sales in Japan, which caused Disney to stock the collectibles online and in a handful of stores in the United States.

Americans quickly bought up the admittedly adorable toys, so now Disney is ramping up production, adding Tsum Tsum to more stores and trying to speed up the toys’ delivery process from Asia to North America.

Translating to “stack stack” in English, these little stuffed animals are designed to sit on top of one another to form plush pyramids of your favorite Disney faces. While it is still unclear whether these cuties will erupt with the same fervor as past toy trends, analysts say they can see Tsum Tsum having strong sales around Christmas.

If you have kids, you may want to think about stocking up now in order to avoid a Jingle All the Way situation.

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