Instead of being labeled "for girls" or "for boys," the site now sells costumes under the inclusive title "for kids"

By Gabrielle Olya
September 18, 2015 04:15 PM

Little boys and little girls can both be superheroes or princesses for Halloween.

That seems to be the message the Disney Store is conveying – the online site for the retail chain has removed “for girls” and “for boys” labels from its costumes, instead characterizing their Halloween offerings as simply "for kids."

According to The Mary Sue, in 2013 the site separated costumes by gender, with the titles of the costumes reflecting the gender they are supposedly intended for, such as “Buzz Lightyear Costume Collection for Boys.”

Now, even clicking on “Halloween Costumes” under the “Girls” and “Boys” headers on the main page takes you to a general “Costumes for Kids” page, where Cinderella costumes can be found on the same page as Thor costumes.

The Disney Store isn’t the first major retailer to get rid of gender labels on their products – in August, Target announced that it would be phasing out gender-based labeling from its stores, particularly in departments like toys and bedding.