A Whole New 'Jurassic World' : See Disney Princesses Reimagined as Velociraptors

Shining, shimmering dino-splendor

Photo: Laura Cooper

At a movie theater far, far into the future, many blockbuster sequels from now, there’s bound to be a cinematic (and very lucrative) crossover between Jurassic Park and Disney.

And while we’re still years away from watching Dr. Ian Malcolm and Minnie Mouse walk hand-in-hand through a triceratops-filled castle, the internet has, uh, found a way to give us a taste of this world right now.

Thanks to the talented hands of Laura Cooper at the webcomic XP, Walt’s royalty looks a little different. Your favorite tiara wearers are now bloodthirsty, messy-haired dinosaurs. Gaze upon the Disney princesses as velociraptors and let out a mighty “Rawwwrtffff!” of approval.

Jurassic World and its regular Chris Pratt-adoring raptors broke box office records. Just imagine what these clever girls could do.

Snow White


Sleeping Beauty






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