The spare cuttings of the ivory silk gown worn by Princess Diana at her 1981 wedding will be sold at American auction later this year, said Peter Smith, a publicist for the vendors. Six snippets of handmade lace and silk will be offered — the largest being about 4 square inches — along with a workshop sketch and a letter of authenticity from wedding dress designer Elizabeth Emmanuel. The scraps have recently been valued at $164,000 or more, said Smith, who specializes in royal memorabilia. Offers have already been rolling in from collectors in Britain and Japan, but mostly from the States, he said. The sellers are an elderly couple from Norfolk, central England, who were given the cuttings as a gift for baby-sitting the dress designer’s children while the dress was being made. The couple, who want to remain anonymous, are selling the pieces for a retirement nest-egg, Smith said.

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