Di's Ex Cashes In

Amid rumors that a British bombshell is about to be dropped — one that allegedly brings into question the paternity of 14-year-old Prince Harry — Princess Diana’s loose-lipped ex-lover James Hewitt is set to publish his steamy memoir about his affair with Diana. Hewitt’s book is not due out until early next year, but newspapers in England are already accusing him of betraying the princess by planning to expose not only details of 64 love letters he received from her but the dirt on her numerous affairs with other men. It is said that Hewitt, now 40, is tired of being looked upon as the scapegoat for Diana’s marital problems and wishes to show that she sought solace from many others. Even so, he is the only former lover to be selling his tale.

  • Britain’s Sky TV said Hewitt is believed to have sold the newspaper rights to his memoirs to a British paper for more than 500,000 pounds (nearly $800,000). Estimates of his total take for the tale have been put at $2 million.
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