Joe DiMaggio’s estranged son, who had not seen his father in more than two years, will be a pallbearer at the New York Yankee’s funeral in San Francisco Thursday. DiMaggio’s only son, who works in a northern California junkyard and lives in a trailer, had not visited his father during his long illness. But in his will DiMaggio left Joe Jr. a $20,000-a-year trust fund. Only about 30 relatives and close friends will attend the service at Sts. Peter and Paul Church. “Joe insisted that his funeral be a private religious service, and his family is intent on carrying out his wishes,” said Morris Engelberg, DiMaggio’s friend and attorney. “George Steinbrenner asked to come. So did Reggie Jackson and a lot of other people he knew and liked, but the family had to say ‘no,'” Engelberg told the Associated Press. Other pallbearers will be Roger Stein and James Hamra, the husbands of DiMaggio’s two granddaughters; Joseph DiMaggio, son of the ballplayer’s late brother, Mike; Joe Nacchio, a friend of DiMaggio’s for 59 years, and Engelberg.