Plus, why the blogger thinks the world needs more people like Robin Roberts

Credit: Matt Sayles/Invision

In her blog, Diem Brown, the Real World/Road Rules Challenge contestant recently diagnosed with ovarian cancer for the second time, opens up about her desire for a child and the ups and downs of cancer and fertility procedures.

First and foremost, I feel so blessed to have been able to share and hear your personal experiences on this blog.

Although I won’t be posting a blog as often going forward, I am so excited to be able to keep writing and posting blogs here when big things happen in my life and/or when I hear or see something that I think y’all would love to start a conversation about. Please Tweet me at @DiemBrown if you ever have any suggestions or think of a topic that you would like to throw out there!

For instance, I am so curious about Eastern medicine as an addition to the Western medicine regime, so after I give it a real go I would love to share what I learn from it.

I also have I say I am beyond excited about Robin Roberts’ return to Good Morning America! She is a true example of a lioness heart. … She was able to envision her goal of returning to GMA even through all the hardships she endured. Robin had a goal and she invited the world to watch her as she set out to conquer her battle while keeping her goal in mind.

Watching Robin say “Good morning, America,” made me instantly smile as you could feel the elated emotion shine from her eyes as she spoke.

We need these sorts of stories to be shared and we need to see that there are real life happy endings. The world is full of hardships and when you are stuck in that dark place you yearn to grab onto any sort of light that can help you see there is hope.

Hope is one of the strongest emotions and hope can overcome fear and despair … if hope is given enough fuel. So thank you, Robin Roberts, for fueling that hope flame for so many of us fighting our own battles. You have shown that goals can be reached with time by never letting the word quit seep into your mindset.

Congratulations Robin and we are all look forward to continue hearing you say, “Good morning, America,” every day.

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