Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, 31, has beaten a rap in the Hamptons after he agreed to cease some illicit lawn mowing. The Associated Press reports that the music mogul persuaded East Hampton Town Justice Roger Walker to refrain from slapping Combs with an arrest warrant for allegedly defying town environmental codes. Combs was accused of mowing down sea-grass and other environmentally protected vegetation at his $2.5 million waterfront home in the posh Long Island getaway. Judge Walker, upset that Combs appeared to be setting himself above the law, threatened to issue an arrest warrant on Monday if Combs failed to show up in court to respond to the charges. But his legal reps and the town prosecutor reached an agreement, lawyers announced Friday. “We are dealing with a lawn-mowing situation that has become a media circus because of who he is,” said Combs’s attorney, Stuyvesant Wainright. Under the deal, the issue is to be adjourned until after Labor Day. During that time, Combs has promised to restore the natural vegetation, including sea grass and blueberry bushes, at a cost of more than $70,000.