The Saturday Night Live star has known her guy – producer Brian Petsos – since she was 15

By Alicia Dennis
March 17, 2010 02:05 PM
Gary Miller/FilmMagic

Kristen Wiig’s fame and fortune isn’t helping her much in the dating game – she’s known her longtime boyfriend since she was 15!

“I like him a lot,” says Wiig, 36, of actor and producer Brian Petsos, at a screening of her new movie MacGruber at Austin’s South by Southwest Festival. “He’s so terrific.”

Wiig and Petsos, who also appears in the movie with Saturday Night Live castmate and pal Will Forte, have known each other for so long, it’s his take that keeps her grounded.

“I still don’t feel famous,” she says. “But when I was just starting out in the business, I’d worry about what I said or what people thought. He’s helping me a lot with that. His take is, ‘Who cares?’ ”

“I’ll do an interview and say something,” she adds, “and then see it in print and think, ‘I didn’t mean it like that. I was just being sarcastic.’ ”

Being surrounded by people she really likes also helps. “At SNL, everyone loves everybody,” she says. “We are so boring because we all love each other.” Case in point? They even had fun when their flight to Texas was delayed by three hours. Forte and Wiig, along with costar Ryan Phillippe and director Jorma Taccone got stuck in the airport on the way to Austin and decided to make the most of it at the bar.

“Thank god we were all together trying to get here,” she says. “There were six people from SNL there at the bar playing dumb games and laughing to make the time go faster. I felt sorry for everybody else.”

Forte seconds that.

“Kristen Wiig is the best,” Forte says. “She is the funniest person in the world and I love her like my sister.”