The actress's ex, Rhys Ifans, wrote an angry break-up ballad for his upcoming album

By Simon Perry
Updated July 08, 2008 08:15 AM

Actor-rocker Rhys Ifans has penned a bitter ballad – prompting speculation that it describes his heartbreaking split from Sienna Miller.

The song, called “Stonefinger,” appears on an upcoming album by Ifans’s band, The Peth, which has been touring Wales in the weeks since he and Miller, 26, broke up.

The lyrics are certainly poignant: “Every little thing you said would break me/All of it came true/Every bit of love I give you mock it/Yes you do.” And it goes on, “Every little thing I do you hate it/Oh yes you do.”

Since her split from the 39-year-old Ifans, Miller has been linked to millionaire Balthazar Getty and fellow actor Matthew Rhys.

A rep for the band refused to confirm that “Stoneginger” is about Miller. “The song was written months ago – you can draw your own conclusions over who it was written about,” he told PEOPLE. The spokesman added, “This was [penned] way prior to the split that’s being alluded to.”

Work on the album, The Golden Mile, began six months ago. The band performs in London later this week.