It seems that even the leader of the free world isn't safe from Mel Brooks' antics

Credit: Carolyn Kaster/AP

Even the leader of the free world isn’t safe from Mel Brooks‘ tricks!

The iconic comedian was awarded the 2015 National Medal of Arts and Humanities by President Barack Obama on Thursday at the White House and, in true Brooks fashion, he used the opportunity to pull a little prank.

After Obama placed the medal around 90-year-old Brooks’ neck, it appeared that the comedian jokingly kneeled and pretended to yank on the president’s pants.

However, Brooks told The New York Times after the incident that his theatrics were a result of wearing the large medal.

“That was a joke – it’s heavy!” he said. “It must weigh five pounds.”

Obama laughed off the encounter, smiling and giving the actor a pat on the back. He teased Brooks saying, “We’ll catch you if you sell [the medal] on eBay.”

Naturally, the Internet took notice of the encounter and it seems the Twittersphere believes Brooks tried to pants the president.

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“This is why he is a national treasure!” Judd Apatow tweeted on Thursday. “Go @MelBrooks ! No ones ever done that before!”

Another tweeter wrote: “Only @MelBrooks could get away with trying to pants @POTUS at the White House.”