June 11, 2003 01:00 PM

Cameron Diaz may get the chance to step into Jane Fonda’s shoes.

Although discussions have yet to turn serious, the “Charlie’s Angels” star, 30, tops the most-wanted list of leading ladies to star opposite Jim Carrey in a remake of the 1977 comedy “Fun with Dick and Jane,” according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The original starred Fonda and George Segal (“Just Shoot Me”) as a financially pinched suburban couple who turn to a life of crime in order to make ends meet.

Brian Grazer (“A Beautiful Mind”) is due to produce the movie, which Barry Sonnenfeld (“Men in Black”) is on tap to direct.

In other movie news, the current blockbuster “The Matrix Reloaded” has been banned in Egypt because of its “violent” content and because it tackles “religious themes,” according to published reports out of England.

“There is no specific scene to which the committee objected but it is about the movie as a whole,” Madkour Thabit, the head of censorship body, said, as quoted by News24.com.

Egypt’s censorship board said the film’s plot, about the search for the creator and control of the human race, may cause “crises.”

Violent scenes also had the potential to “harm social peace,” according to a statement.

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