The Mindfreak star who was seen snuggling with the actress is being accused of adultery

By People Staff
June 30, 2007 03:00 PM

The estranged wife of Mindfreak star Criss Angel is suing for divorce, saying that the illusionist had an affair with Cameron Diaz and hasn’t shared any of his millions in earnings.

According to the New York Post, Joanne Sarantakos of Long Island, N.Y., is accusing Angel, her husband of five years, of mental cruelty and abandonment.

“We’re naming Cameron Diaz as his lover,” her lawyer Dominic Barbara reportedly told the Nassau County court, where Angel and Sarantakos faced off on Friday. “We will subpoena her as soon as she comes back to New York.” Barbara also told the court that Angel kept his wife a “secret” to further his career.

Angel’s lawyer, Elliot Weiner, denied the allegations, Newsday reports, adding that “the notion that she’s not being supported is simply not accurate.”

Diaz and Angel had been spotted out together in Las Vegas several times in May. Two days after they met, they caught a Cirque du Soleil show, where one witness told PEOPLE, “They were snuggling with each other and he was making her laugh.” The illusionist himself told PEOPLE, “Cam is an amazing person. I’m so honored to be able to call her my friend.”

Angel (real name: Christopher Sarantankos), 39, who resides in and performs in Las Vegas, reportedly has had a 15-year relationship with his wife, 37. At the hearing, Angel – dressed down, and minus his stage makeup – touched his wife’s shoulder and tried to shake her father’s hand, according to Newsday, but the family rebuffed him.

Judge Arthur Diamond encouraged the two to settle the case out of court, saying a public divorce could take two years. A status hearing was scheduled for Sept. 19, the newspaper reports.

Calls made by PEOPLE to both Angel’s and Diaz’s reps have yet to be returned.

“He really played the ‘Mindfreak’ game on her,” Michael Winkhart, Joanne Sarantakos’s brother, told Newsday. “He reduced her to a role where she occupied less than 5 percent of his life. ”

The paper also reported that Angel joked with reporters outside the courtroom. Gesturing toward his wife’s lawyer, he said, “I can make him disappear,” while Barbara laughed and replied, “I’m going to rip his heart out.”