Diane Sawyer Takes a Breather

Grief-stricken over the plane crash that claimed John F. Kennedy Jr.’s life, ABC’s Diane Sawyer took Monday and Tuesday off as host of “Good Morning America.” (She is returned this morning.) An ABC spokeswoman said Sawyer was “not emotionally equipped” to deal with the ongoing coverage of the tragedy. Sawyer is friendly with a former ABC employee, Anthony Radziwill, and his wife, Carol, who were relatives of Kennedy’s and particularly close to the couple.

  • For Sawyer and many other top TV personalities — such as Dan Rather and Tom Brokaw — Kennedy wasn’t just a news subject but a friend (or at least an acquaintance). In addition, two of Kennedy’s relatives work for network news divisions: NBC’s Maria Shriver and Fox News Channel’s Doug Kennedy. Neither has covered the plane crash, and neither has been asked to.
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