Kruger tells PEOPLE that Wu's wedding took over the whole hotel, creating an almost "vacation camp"-like energy

By Jeffrey Slonim
Updated April 16, 2016 08:15 PM
Credit: Callahan/ACE/INFphoto

A-list approved designer Jason Wu frequently dresses Diane Kruger for fashion shows and red carpets – but she gave her close friend a day off when she attended his recent wedding.

“He asked and I said, ‘Don’t worry about what I’m wearing. It’s your wedding,’ ” Kruger, 39, told PEOPLE on Friday, at the Tiffany & Co. celebration of the 2016 Blue Book at the Cunard in New York City.

After all, as she said of the nuptials earlier this month in Tulum, Mexico: “It’s not like it’s a fashion show. And I knew that the dress was going to get ruined.”

“The production of it was so simple,” Kruger said of the wedding, which took over the hotel – creating an almost “vacation camp”-like energy.

“We had breakfast together with everybody, and lunch, we went swimming together,” she said. “It felt like close friends. We were only 80 people, so it didn’t feel like you didn’t get to speak to anybody.”

And Kruger said she couldn’t be happier for Wu and new husband Gustavo Rangel, his business partner: “They’re a great couple.”

Her boyfriend, Joshua Jackson, is pretty happy too.

“I’ve known [Wu and Rangel] for so long,” Kruger said. “And Gus is like – I joke that him and Josh are besties, and I feel like we’re a great couple of friends.”

She continued, “You know, you want the person you love so much [to] find someone that you will love as well.”