"I like fashion because it's kind of playtime," says the 67-year-old Oscar winner

Updated September 12, 2013 08:45 AM
Credit: Corbis (2); Fame

Diane Keaton has a look like no one else’s, and it somehow never gets old.

“I like fashion because it’s kind of playtime,” says the 67-year-old Annie Hall Oscar winner. “I don’t think about it a lot – I’ll just go in there and try something. I like picking and choosing. It’s the editor in me.”

Some things that make her cut:

Pockets: Pockets are my life! I do not carry a bag ever, because I hate it. It keeps my hands free, I can move around, so I always have deep pockets. Basically I wear bulk.

Expert tailoring: I like Ralph Lauren’s. I’m interested in tailoring because when you have a body like mine, without shoulders, you don’t really have much of a silhouette.

Hints of color: Colors as accessories punch more. If it’s the whole show, count me out. I don’t want to be in that show. I mean, do you?

Suits: I still feel really comfortable in pants and a jacket, and I don’t feel comfortable in a skirt. Although I’ve kind of made dresses work for me because of tights.

Gloves: It just adds a little something.

A smile: As you get older, there are certain things you can show off – your attitude and how you feel … the smile. Because it reflects warmth. Warmth is really a plus when you’re older.

The perfect hat: I’ve collected hats over the years. A hat room? Of course I don’t have a hat room! Do you think I live in a palace, with my hat room? I live in a Connecticut-y house. One closet, no hat room.

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