By Stephen M. Silverman And Simon Perry
Updated July 16, 2003 05:53 PM

“Love Rat” James Hewitt — the man who told all about his affair with the late Princess Diana — is adding another chapter to his capers: He is allowing parts of his love letters from her to be read on British TV, PEOPLE reports.

Hewitt’s lawyer, Michael Coleman, will read brief passages from some of the 64 intimate missives on a special documentary airing on Channel Four on July 24.

The show, called “Confessions of a Cad,” will follow Hewitt over the six months since he first announced that the letters — sent to him while he served in the first Gulf War of 1991 — were for sale. But the documentary ends on a sour note for Hewitt, as he walked out of the last interview three weeks ago.

“He was asked about the morality of selling Diana’s letters and he refused to answer and terminated the interview,” a Channel Four spokesman tells PEOPLE.

Channel Four bosses reportedly could face an injunction from Diana’s estate — which owns the copyright to the letters and might object to passages being read aloud. As of yet, that has not happened.

The show is said to include Hewitt once again scoffing at the rumors that he is Prince Harry’s father and boasting about the number of female conquests he’s had.

The rights to air the program in American are currently being negotiated.

In December Hewitt, who dated Diana for five years from 1986, was caught trying to sell the letters to an undercover reporter posing as a businessman. He said he wanted to sell the letters for around $16 million, but despite confirmation of the sales offer in PEOPLE and during Hewitt’s appearance on CNN’s “Larry King Live,” so far there have been no takers.