The dazzling sapphire that William gave to Kate Middleton was originally picked out by Harry after his mother's death

By Tim Nudd
Updated November 18, 2010 01:30 PM
Credit: Anwar Hussein/EMPICS Entertainment/Abaca

The dazzling sapphire ring that Prince William gave to Kate Middleton for their engagement famously belonged to his mother Diana. Less well known is that it was Prince Harry who first picked it out as a memento to keep after her death.

Following the Paris car crash that killed Diana in 1997, the brothers picked out special objects of hers at Kensington Palace. The sapphire caught Harry’s eye, and he took possession of it – though the brothers reportedly agreed that whoever got engaged first would use it.

The ring holds immense meaning for both men, who clearly dismiss any notion that it might be cursed in some way, given the collapse of their parents’ marriage and their mother’s untimely death.

Still, some feel the ring might be symbolically burdened with the weight of the past, and that perhaps a fresh start would have been more appropriate.

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Reporting by SIMON PERRY