Diana Ross: Diva-licious

Diana Ross, 56, still knows how to reign supreme, as she proved last night at Madison Square Garden. At the taping of VH1’s “Divas 2000: A Tribute to Diana Ross” (an edited version of the 4 1/2-hour-plus concert will air Tuesday), Ross kept her cool as her microphone failed her not once, but several times. “This doesn’t please me,” she said to loud applause of support from the audience when a replacement mic didn’t work properly. Performances of three of her songs had to be filmed again due to technical difficulties. But she did sound great, as did other divas Donna Summer, Faith Hill and Mariah Carey (recovering from last week’s bout of food poisoning, she told the crowd, “I will be starring in the movie, ‘The Attack of the Killer Oysters’ “). Ross admitted to being “overwhelmed” by the salute to her and her career. “You know,” she said, “it’s been 40 years, and I’m only 38.”

For photos of “Divas 2000,” click here.

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