April 02, 2002 01:00 PM

Besides recently serving in Liza Minnelli’s wedding party, the recently turned 70 Elizabeth Taylor is busily preparing for the fall publication of her new book about one of her greatest romances. The title is “My Love Affair with Jewelry.” Simon & Schuster is the publisher, and USA Today has offered a peek inside the tome, which promises to have 100 color plates of La Liz’s fabulous jewel collection. The text contains reminisces of the men who gave her the baubles. (Taylor has been married eight times, and has had many admirers.) From actor Richard Burton, who was Husband No. 5 and 6, came her 33-carat Krupp diamond ring and her a 69-carat pear-shaped diamond. Impresario Mike Todd, Husband No. 3, gifted her with a $30,000 black pearl ring, a 29-carat diamond for their engagement, and ruby-and-diamond earrings and bracelet for their wedding. Todd died in a 1958 plane crash when he was flying from Los Angeles to New York aboard his private DC-3, which he called “The Lucky Liz.” Taylor, who had only been married to him for a year, was scheduled to fly with him (everyone onboard was killed), but at the last minute changed her mind about making the trip. In several interviews, Taylor has said the two greatest loves of her life were Todd and Burton.

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