Bono is determine for U2 to perform in Paris next week, despite last month's terrorist attacks in the city

By Naja Rayne
Updated December 02, 2015 12:55 AM

There’s no stopping a man on a mission.

Bono is determined to move forward with U2‘s concert in Paris next week and has high hopes that the performance will inspire the audience, the Associated Press reports.

“Well, knowing our French audience and having a sense of them by now, I would say joy as an act of defiance,” Bono, 55, said about his expectations for the concert. “That’s what U2 does, that’s what French people want from us and that’s it.”

U2 was originally schedule to perform in Paris on Nov. 14, just one day after the tragic terror attacks that left 130 dead. Understandably, the band postponed their performance to a later date – now scheduled for Dec. 6 and 7.

“They took a lot of lives we’re not going to get back, but they’re not going to change the character of the city of Paris,” Bono told AP.

Bono also praised the Eagles of Death Metal, who were performing at the Bataclan Concert Hall when armed terrorists opened fire killing hundreds. The musician described what the Eagles of Death Metal went through as “the most ugly nightmare,” but said they’ve been “very graceful about it.”

As for potential audience members, Bono compared them to family and encouraged them to be brave about coming to the concert.

“These are our people and they’re very familiar faces, the people in the audience, they’re our people,” he said. “They’re like my daughter, my son, they’re like (U2 members) Edges, they’re like Larry [Mullen Jr.] so we took it very badly.

“But we’re going back, you bet. Nothing will stop us from going back. Be vigilant, but be unafraid.”