By Stephen M. Silverman
Updated February 05, 2003 04:11 PM

As Los Angeles homicide detectives continue their investigation into the slaying of an actress whose body was found Monday at the home of legendary music producer Phil Spector, a few details are emerging about the case, including the identity of the victim.

Lana Clarkson, 40, a minor star in “Xena”-like action movies (sample title: “Barbarian Queen”), was found dead just minutes after a limousine driver reported hearing shots in Spector’s hilltop, castle-like home in an otherwise blue-collar suburb of L.A., according to published reports.

Clarkson worked as a hostess at the popular West Hollywood branch of the House of Blues, where Spector, 62, was a frequent VIP guest, said his friend, attorney Marvin Mitchelson.

According to The New York Times, authorities say Spector picked up Clarkson at the club Sunday night, though they remain uncertain whether this was a first meeting.

Investigators did tell the Times, however, that Spector had his driver take him and Clarkson back to his house, which was where the driver was waiting outside when, around 5 a.m., he heard the shots that sparked his call to police.

Clarkson’s body was found in the marble foyer of Spector’s 10-bedroom mansion. A gun that is believed by police to have been the weapon used in the killing was also found inside the residence.

Spector was arrested on suspicion of murder and released after posting $1 million bail. He has hired former O.J. Simpson defense attorney Robert Shapiro, who on Tuesday told reporters about the case, “I don’t know answers to any of this.”

Last Saturday, only days before the slaying, London’s Daily Telegraph published the reclusive Spector’s first interview in 25 years. In it, he said, “I have a bipolar personality … I am my own worst enemy.”