Dr. Arnold Klein says the paternity of Jackson's kids is "nobody's business"

By Charlotte Triggs
July 09, 2009 11:10 AM
Splash News Online, Sonia Moskowitz/Globe

Michael Jackson’s dermatologist has said he’s not the father of the singer’s children – to the best of his knowledge. Now, in a new interview Dr. Arnold Klein admits he did once donate sperm to a sperm bank.

“I still can’t answer [the paternity question] absolutely one way or another,” Klein said in an interview on Larry King Live Wednesday. “I once donated sperm.”

Still, he says, the donation was “absolutely not” intended for Jackson, who had son Prince Michael, 12, and daughter Paris Katherine, 11, with ex-wife Debbie Rowe, who worked for Klein. Jackson was also father to Prince Michael II (Blanket), 7, whose mother has never been identified.

“I think what’s most important about this whole thing … is who the children want their father to be,” Klein said, reiterating, “To the best of my knowledge, I’m not the father.”

“This discussion, however, is between Michael, his children and this person. It’s not to be discussed who the father is over national television,” Klein added. “The most important thing is, Michael loved those children as a father. Those children loved him as a father. Because they would never pass him without saying, I love you, daddy. He would say I love you. I’ve never seen such emotional care.”

Klein did not object to the suggestion of a DNA test. “If they want me to take a DNA test, they can have my DNA,” he said. “I don’t care at this point. My concern is his kids because I’ve never met children like this. These are the brightest children I’ve ever met, the best behaved children I’ve ever met. I know how deeply he loved them and how deeply they loved him.”

“I don’t want to destroy this relationship in any way, shape or form,” Klein said. “I’ll tell you this, no matter what, I will protect these children.”
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