June 06, 2017 03:17 PM


Julianne Hough and boyfriend Brooks Laich are set to tie the knot soon — but that doesn’t mean the Dancing with the Stars judge’s brother Derek plans on letting his little sister call all the shots on for her big day.

Despite admitting he hasn’t yet picked up a wedding gift for the bride-to-be, Derek told PEOPLE Now that he’s still going to oversee the music. “You know who I want to get? Michael Bublé. I mean he won’t. He can’t possibly go, but it’d be amazing if he just sort of rose from the ground and was like ‘Hello!” and started singing!”

On a more serious note, Derek, 32, conceded that it is sure to be an emotional day for him. “I’m kind of a sap. I grew up with all sisters so I’m in touch with that part of myself. I’m an emotional guy, so I’m probably gonna get teary-eyed,” he confessed.

Tearing up, however, is not uncommon for the Houghs — especially now that they’re on their MOVE Beyond tour. “We literally get teary-eyed every single night of the show,” says Derek. “When we finish singing the song at the end, we just look at each other and we just get tears in our eyes. We’re just so grateful and thankful for all these experiences we’re able to have.”

“I’m close with her,” Hough added of Julianne, 28, “so watching her walk down the aisle, it’s going to get me.”


Beyond the excitement of his sister’s fairy tale wedding, Hough has his own love to gush about.

“She’s amazing,” he says of his relationship with fellow dancer Hayley Erbert.

The couple have been getting along swimmingly, especially after a recent trip to Fiji, where Hough took her scuba diving for the first time. “She learned in 30 minutes, which was, I’m pretty sure, illegal,” Hough said with a laugh, “but she did a great job!”

As for the couple’s future, Hough sees more excitement down the line. “I love adventure,” he started, “I basically think I’m Indiana Jones just looking for a whip. I can’t seem to find a cool whip!”

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