Depardieu: Get Moo-ving

Norwegian farmers, fearing an outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease among their cattle, are demanding that French actor Gerard Depardieu and other French and British actors and film crew members be disinfected before they shoot a film in northern Norway, reports Reuters. “Depardieu will be traveling back and forth between Bodoe and Paris several times in the spring and summer. Will he be disinfected every time?” one farmer asked. The film about to roll in the Scandinavian country is “I Am Dina,” based on a Norwegian novel about rural poverty. “Yesterday our eldest son came home after trying out costumes for the film company. He got the costumes from some French costume workers,” farmers Oddbjoern and Astrid Olsen told the north Norwegian daily newspaper Nordlands Framtid. “Now we’re refusing to let our son go into the barn.” On Wednesday of this week, Norway closed its borders to imports of European Union meat and products in an effort to prevent the outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease that has already hit livestock in Britain and France.

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