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Denyse Tontz's new song urges people to "chill out for a second this summer and remember the good stuff"

July 22, 2016 01:15 PM
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Denyse Tontz is urging people to relax and remember the good stuff in this time of stress and turmoil.

On her debut single, “United States of Anxiety,” the multi-talented Emmy-winning star of The Fosters, 21, reflects on the fact that there “seems to be something hazardous in everything these days.”

“I can t figure out if it’s still okay to drink milk or eat bread, or if buying a pair of jeans is supporting unlawful labor, or if I should even leave the house for fear of slipping in a puddle and dying,” the Disney star tells PEOPLE exclusively. “With all of the political turmoil, rampant hate crimes, crippling terrorism and tragedies, I needed to remind myself that there’s still so much to be thankful for.”

Denyse Tontz
Ryan O'Leary

Her new song urges people to “chill out for a second this summer and remember the good stuff,” she adds.

As a singer-songwriter, Tontz feels it’s her duty to shed light on issues, but also remind her fans to be appreciative of what they do have in this “absolutely amazing country.”

“I can’t remember another summer where people were so anxious,” says Tontz.

She continues, “I’m a songwriter, not a policy maker, so I try not to get too heavy into life and death issues that are infinitely complicated, but I hope the song can bring a small dose of humor and levity to listeners and remind us that we are blessed in so many ways.”

The star is staying busy this summer working on her music.

“A lot of deejays have remixed the song and delivered some killer tracks, so I’ll be launching those in the next few weeks. The plan is to release an EP with all new material by the end of the year.”

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