Denver Police Warn Parents of Pot-Tainted Halloween Candy

It's a uniquely Denver problem to have

Photo: Getty

Trick or treat? Depends on whom you ask.

The Denver Police Department has released the above public service announcement on its Facebook page, warning parents of a pretty Denver-like problem to have: Pot-laced Halloween candy.

Some “edibles” – confections laced with the active compound in marijuana, THC – are nearly identical to their non-“enhanced” counterparts, Denver dispensary owner Patrick Johnson explains in the video.

To that end, Johnson recommends avoiding any off-brand-looking candy, or candy that looks like it’s been tampered with: It’s better to just toss out anything parents don’t recognize.

Which is important: You don’t want your kid to become a poster child for inadvertent overuse of marijuana. Just ask Maureen Dowd.

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