"This is the most unprofessional set I have ever been on," the actor screams at his colleagues in a video posted to YouTube
Credit: Cindy Ord/Getty

A video of Dennis Quaid going bonkers has surfaced on the Web.

The Vantage Point actor, 61, was caught on camera in a video posted to YouTube, in which Quaid is overheard screaming at his colleagues on a movie set.

“What the f—?” the Parent Trap actor shouts, proceeding to lecture folks about interrupting his acting.

It’s unclear whom exactly Quaid is yelling at, but he accuses someone of whispering and walking around “my set,” making him unable to get a line out. The set appears to be an office, complete with a wooden desk and a glass bookcase in the background.

“This is the most unprofessional set I have ever been on,” a ticked-off Quaid shrieks in the 44-second clip.

Quaid goes on to call crew and cast members garbage, zombies and several other not-so-PG expletives before the mystery cameraman quickly directs the camera to the floor.

But some fans believe that the Rookie star’s heated freakout may have been a publicity stunt. Commenters began to speculate beneath the video that Quaid’s profanity-filled outburst might be for a comedy sketch or talk show skit.

“It feels scripted to me, but so does every viral video since [Jimmy] Kimmel started doing his schtick. It’s really messing with my mind,” a viewer wrote on Reddit on Monday.

“There’s no way this is [for Jimmy Kimmel Live!], too much anger and profanity. The fact that a crew member, cast member or extra is filming this on a cell phone only adds credibility to his claim,” another commenter posted on Youtube on Tuesday.

Others were convinced that Quaid’s anger was genuine: “Famous people get mad as well. Count your stars there isn’t a camera on you all the time,” another wrote.

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