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August 16, 2014 07:15 PM

Earlier this summer 20-year-old Tallulah Willis sat on a wooden stool in a bare room and made some painful confessions.

“I struggled a lot when I was younger,” said the green-haired fashion blogger in a video posted on, adding that she had been “diagnosed with body dysmorphia” and once starved herself down to 95 lbs.“[I was] reading those stupid f–––––– tabloids when I was, like, 13, feeling like I was just ugly, always. I believed the strangers more than the people that loved me, because why would the people who loved me be honest?”

But Tallulah’s problems are not entirely behind her.

After a cryptic tweet about going “bai bai” on July 23, a report emerged that Bruce Willis and Demi Moore‘s youngest daughter was in rehab.

Several sources tell PEOPLE that Tallulah is seeking help.

“The situation had been building for a while,” a family insider says.

“She’s been dealing with some unhappiness, and everything sort of came to a head.”

To an outsider, Tallulah seemed to be getting her life together.

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