WATCH: Demi Lovato Speaks for Mental Health Awareness at Democratic National Convention, Performs 'Confident'

Lovato previously supported Clinton at an Iowa rally in January

Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images

Demi Lovato is with her!

The singer performed her hit “Confident” at the opening day of the Democratic National Convention inside Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on Monday.

In addition, Lovato, 23, gave a speech in support of presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, and was met with supportive applause when she discussed the stigma surrounding mental health.

“Like millions of Americans, I am living with mental illness,” the advocate said. “But I am lucky. I had the resources and support to get treatment at a top facility. Unfortunately, too many Americans from all walks of life don’t get help, whether they fear the stigma or cannot afford treatment.”

In November 2010, Lovato, who was 18 at the time, checked herself into a treatment center for substance abuse, eating disorders and cutting. In April 2011, Lovato revealed she was suffering from bipolar disorder.

Lovato, who previously supported Clinton at an Iowa rally in January, has done her best to raise awareness about mental health issues by speaking publicly about her own struggles and continues to stay on her sober lifestyle.

“This is not about politics. It is simply the right thing to do,” Lovato continued in her speech. “I stand here today as proof that you can live a normal and empowered life with mental illness. I am proud to support a presidential candidate who will fight to ensure all people with mental health conditions get the care they need to live fulfilling lives. That candidate is Hillary Clinton. Let’s make her the next president of the United States of America.”

In late 2014, the pop singer started a treatment scholarship program in honor of her father, Patrick, who also suffered mental illness and died in 2013. And in October 2015, she fought for mental health reform on Capitol Hill.

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