The singer urges Americans to "stop ignoring the biggest problem in our country"
Credit: Brian Ach/Getty

For Demi Lovato, the nation’s addiction epidemic is personal.

“I am one of the 1 in 7 people who has faced addiction, and I am grateful to be in recovery today,” the singer, 23, shared via Instagram on Tuesday.

Lovato penned the message to spread word about nonprofit Facing Addiction, which works to help addicts and end the stigma surrounding the issue.

“It’s time for us all to reflect, and start @facingaddiction,” wrote Lovato, whose post includes a video that asks people to take a close look in the mirror.

She continued, “Let’s stop ignoring the biggest problem in our country we often don’t want to look at. We all are connected to this issue one way or another and we all need to be part of the solution. Together we can replace shame with support, hope, and healing.”

The “Confident” singer has become a powerful voice for the movement since she sought treatment for drug abuse, eating disorders, and cutting in 2010. She has also been vocal about her struggle with bipolar disorder, which inspired her advocacy for mental health reform.

Having faced her challenges head on, Lovato knows it’s a fight that can be won.

“I’m living well with my mental illness – I am actually functioning like a very happy person would,” she told PEOPLE in May. “I couldn’t be happier today. Life is really, really great.”

Throughout her transformation, Lovato has turned to longtime boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama, 35, for support.

“I really wouldn’t be alive today without him,” she explained in an Instagram post about her three-year anniversary of sobriety in March. “I love you Wilmer.”