Demi Lovato Isn't Being Treated for Drug Problem, Spokesman Says

The Disney Channel star's family asks for "a modicum of privacy" as she continues to seek treatment

Photo: Andrew H. Walker/Getty

In light of a recent report that has spurred speculation Demi Lovato is seeking help for problems related to drugs and alcohol, her spokesperson wants to set the record straight.

Demi Lovato is not in treatment for drug or alcohol addiction,” her spokesperson says. “As we have said since she entered treatment last week, Demi decided to seek help for emotional and physical issues she has battled throughout her life. She has taken this step in order to get her life in order.”

“While we know many are interested in Demi and her life,” the statement continues, “we do ask for a modicum of privacy during this difficult time.”

Lovato, 18, is at a facility that specializes in treating adolescents and adult women with a variety of issues, including eating disorders, mood disorders and substance abuse problems.

Over the weekend, the Disney Channel star welcomed a visit from stepfather Eddie and mom Dianna De La Garza and her sisters, Dallas, 22, and Madison, 8.

Says a source: “It marked the first time the entire family had been together since Demi started treatment.”

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