Demi Lovato stars in the next installment of the rideshare company's video series, "Undercover Lyft"
Credit: Broadimage/REX/Shutterstoc

Demi Lovato has a fun new job that’s “cool for the summer.”

The singer, who is currently on her Future Now tour with Nick Jonas, took a break from performing in Denver, Colorado to go undercover as a Lyft driver named Samantha.

“I actually really want to be a singer someday,” Lovato, 24, tells one unsuspecting passenger in a video, shared exclusively with PEOPLE, from her stint as a Lyft driver.

“Like, I’ve actually been traveling the country with my ex-boyfriend’s brother because he sings, too,” continues Lovato. “And so we really want to kind of get our names out there at open mic nights and, like, whatever we can do.”

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And the star – who sang a few songs (including a Camp Rock tune and “Happy Birthday”) with her passengers – even made a few jokes about herself throughout the video.

“I like that ‘Confident’ song,” says one of the singer’s passengers. “That’s a jam.”

“I like that one, but like, sounds like she’s screaming,” replies Lovato. “Selena [Gomez] is so much more talented.”

“She’s got such a better voice,” adds Lovato.