'Only cool kids fall on stage,' the singer tweeted after the incident
Credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty

“Cool For the Summer” performances: 2. Demi Lovato: 0.

Lovato took yet another tumble during a performance of her hit song “Cool For the Summer,” this time at the Z100 Jingle Ball in New York City on Friday.

The pop star performed a full 20-minute set of her latest hits and at the very end, as she was thanking the crowd after “Cool For the Summer,” she apparently tripped over her mic stand and wasn’t able to stop herself or the stand from crashing to the ground.

The video above doesn’t show the actual fall, but at the very end of the video Lovato can be seen kicking her legs and laughing while laying on her back onstage, as a band member picks up the fallen mic stand.

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As her immediate reaction shows, Lovato, 23, wasn’t fazed by the fall. She also took to Twitter after the performance to joke about the incident.

“Guys don’t you get it by now? Only cool kids fall on stage,” she wrote.

In July, while promoting “Cool For the Summer” with a series of pool parties, a high-heel-clad Lovato slipped on a wet poolside stage.

Once again, however, the singer handled the mishap like a pro. Immediately after falling face-first on the ground, she got up and jumped in the pool, and later on she posted a video of the fall on Instagram, writing, “#NOTCoolForTheSummer.”