Demi Lovato 'Engaged' to 5-Year-Old Fan (Who Adorably Proposes at Concert)

The boy caught the pop star's attention when he held up a sign that read "Demi I have a ring for you"

Photo: Courtesy Demi Lovato

Move over, Wilmer Valderrama. Demi Lovato has a new man in her life – and things are moving pretty quickly.

They’re engaged. Well, sort of.

A 5-year-old fan proposed to the pop star, 22, onstage at her Moline, Illinois, concert this weekend, and he was so adorable, Lovato had no choice: She had to say yes.

“Oh and by the way guys…… I’M ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Lovato captioned an Instagram photo she shared on Sunday featuring the boy getting down on one knee and presenting the smiling singer with a ring. “Grant … #CUTESTEVER #demiworldtour”

The cuteness began when Grant attended the concert with his family and held up a sign that read, “Demi I have a ring for you,” according to CNN.

Intrigued, Lovato invited the boy onstage.

“You are the cutest little boy ever,” Lovato exclaimed to Grant, who was snappily dressed in red pants and a denim jacket.

Lovato then asked to see the ring, which the starstruck boy had forgotten to bring onstage. Fortunately, his family quickly shuttled the ring to Grant, who sweetly held it out in front of her.

However, Lovato proved she is a traditional gal – and insisted Grant get on one knee and properly ask for her hand in marriage.

Grant sweetly complied, and after some prompting asked the all-important question: “Demi, will you marry me?”

The arena erupted into cheers, and Lovato promptly declared, “I will.” Then, like any properly engaged couple, they sealed it with a kiss – on the cheek, of course.

Grant’s family happily shared the engagement news on YouTube while posting a video of the proposal.

“Grant just turned 5, so we took him to see his (and our) favorite artist, Demi Lovato … yet again!” wrote Cassidy Burt. “She pulled him up on stage and he proposed to her! They are now happily “engaged” & we are thrilled!”

No word on the wedding, but we can only assume it will be massively adorable.

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