The 89 passengers aboard Flight 2028 all landed safely Thursday after engine trouble

A Delta flight from Florida was forced to make an emergency landing in Charleston, South Carolina, on Thursday after the cabin filled with smoke, terrifying passengers who briefly feared the worst.

Eighty-nine passengers were aboard Delta flight 2028 when it took off from Fort Lauderdale bound for New York’s LaGuardia airport on Thursday afternoon when smoke billowed into the cabin more than an hour after takeoff, according to CBS News.

“We could hear the beeping of the smoke alarm and it was pretty quickly – the cabin was filling up with smoke pretty quickly – so yeah, it was a little nerve wracking,” said Katherine Davis, a 60 Minutes producer on the flight. “They told all of us to put our heads down in our laps because the air would be fresher.”

Davis shot video of the smoky cabin, as did fellow passenger Fabio Dias, who also wrote on Twitter that he was asleep on the flight and “woke up to the smoke alarm it was surreal.”

The Boeing MD-88 reportedly had an issue with one of its two engines, and Delta spokesman Morgan Durrant told ABC News the flight followed procedures to divert.

“Delta s top priority on every flight is safety and apologizes for the delay,” Durrant said, adding that the airline lined up a plane from Atlanta to take the passengers to their destination.

The grateful passengers praised the crew for their professional and swift actions.

“Landed safe and sound after smoke filled cabin and losing an engine #neveradullday @Delta thx pilots,” Dias wrote on Twitter.