Delta Burke on Her Depression: 'I Will Always Fight'

The actress says she wants to help "remove the stigma" around the disease

Photo: Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage

Depression is a serious issue, but Delta Burke shows some levity when she opens up about fighting the disease and trying to conquer her hoarding addiction.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the 51-year-old actress says she thinks of her recent clinic stay “as a solarium visit.”

“I didn’t mean to be trendy. I went in there – I have talked about depression before – it is something that I deal with and millions of Americans deal with. I am trying to remove the stigma,” Burke tells ET.

The star goes on to explain she had spent two weeks in bed prior to her hospitalization and needed to be put on different – and fewer – medications. She now sees her “amazing” doctors on an out-patient basis.

When it comes to discussing the hoarding, she jokes that it’s her mom’s fault. “My mother saved the diaper I came home from the hospital in. [She had] old National Geographics stacked up to the rafters in the attic.”

Burke now says she’s getting the issue in check. She had 27 storage units in New Orleans as well as an addiction to e-bay and QVC – but is donating or selling most of the hoarded items.

“I will always fight and everyone out there who battles this should always fight and never let it win,” she says.

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