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September 11, 2015 11:15 AM

Tragic REISS heiress Debra Reiss had finally found “true love” with her baby daughter Scarlett before her sudden death this week at 34, a friend told PEOPLE.

Reiss, who was pregnant with her second child, suffered from a lung condition she had had since childhood – although it was not believed to be life threatening, the source said.

The heiress to the London-based fashion company, one of Princess Kate s favorite lines, was on vacation in Marbella, Southern Spain – and not at her home in Los Angeles – when the friend said she began coughing up blood.

The source said: “It was very hot in Spain and she was pregnant with her second baby. She was having a girl. She got a nosebleed, which she would sometimes get when she was stressed. Then she started coughing up blood – a lot.”

“By the time they called paramedics,” the friend continues, “it was too late. For both. Her lungs had filled with blood and there was no oxygen going to the baby.” (The cause of death still remains unclear.)

The Spanish authorities are not releasing Reiss’s body until they complete autopsy and toxicology investigations, the friend said.

“All she wanted was love,” the friend added. “She finally in the end, found her love, true love with her daughter. She hated being alone. She died with her baby.”

Reiss is survived by her partner Zane Williams and their daughter Scarlett, who was born in December.

Reporting by LIZ MCNEIL

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