Jay Faires says the E! host "pays for nothing" related to their multimillion-dollar home

By Ken Lee
Updated January 27, 2009 07:00 PM
Credit: Chelsea Lauren/WireImage

Debbie Matenopoulos’s estranged husband is seeking spousal support from the E! host, saying she “pays for nothing” related to their multimillion-dollar Los Angeles home after the pair “continuously lived beyond our means,” court documents show.

Jay Faires, 45, an L.A. music executive who makes $37,500 per month before taxes, is demanding that Matenopoulos, 33, either help pay the mortgage, agree to refinance, or move out and sell the home, according to his filing.

“Notwithstanding the fact that [Matenopoulos] earns at least $225,000 annually, she had her lawyers send my lawyer the cable bill and her cell phone bill to pay,” Faires says. “If [she] wants to continue to live [in our home] and won’t agree to sell, she should be paying all expenses associated with her use and occupancy, i.e. the mortgages, property taxes, utilities, insurance, gardener, pool, alarm, etc.”

Faires, who filed for divorce on Nov. 12 after five years of marriage, admits that the couple have “continuously lived beyond our means during our marriage.”

He says he has moved out of the residence, and that Matenopoulos “has changed the locks and the alarm code so I can’t enter the house.” Faires says they owe approximately $1.5 million on the home, which carries a monthly payment of $11,671.

He adds that he’s had the property appraised recently at $4.3 million, but alleges Matenopoulos “won’t even consider selling [the home] unless we receive somewhere in the neighborhood of $8 million.”

“[She] apparently believes that at some point in time [the home’s] value will increase by some $3.5 million,” Faires says. “She also apparently believes that I … pay all expenses … while she lives there and pays for nothing, and waits for a real estate miracle to happen.”

A hearing is set for Feb. 23.

An attorney for Matenopoulos was not immediately available for comment.