Plus, the E! host accuses her estranged husband of hiding money
Credit: Chelsea Lauren/WireImage

E! host Debbie Matenopoulos is alleging her estranged husband, Jay Faires, hasn’t been fully honest about money he’s earned prior to their split, which she is entitled to as community property, court documents filed Feb. 10 show.

“I believe [Faires] is or may be entitled to much more financially than what he has so far disclosed,” Matenopoulos states in her filing. “I have also discovered that [he] may have other bank accounts, foreign and domestic, that he has not disclosed.”

Faires’s attorney, Gary Fishbein, denies the allegation, telling PEOPLE: “My client has made full disclosure of his assets. She’s just wrong in her allegations.”

According to L.A. divorce attorney Lynn Soodik, who’s not involved with the case, a spouse who doesn’t fully disclose a certain asset risks losing it all to the other as a penalty.

Matenopoulos, 34, is also seeking $12,558 in temporary monthly spousal support from Faires, 45, a music executive, to help pay for their home.

“It is imperative that the court order [Faires] to assist me in preserving [our home],” she states. “I will not allow [him] to force me into selling [it] as it has been my only solace during this tumultuous time.”

Last month, Faires requested that he receive spousal support, claiming Matenopoulos “pays for nothing” related to expenses on their multimillion-dollar L.A. house and that the couple “continuously lived beyond our means” while they were married.

Matenopoulos, who has denied his allegations, fired back that Faires allegedly spends $35,000 a month from their shared account while living at the Chateau Marmont hotel.

“My client only stayed at the hotel temporarily, and he didn’t spend anywhere close to the amount she’s saying,” Fishbein tells PEOPLE.

Faires previously stated in documents that he makes $37,500 per month before taxes, while Matenopoulos said she makes approximately $17,231 a month.

A hearing is set for Feb. 25.