Nobody was more surprised than Joe DiMaggio when he saw a TV report that he had died. “He was livid,” his lawyer Morris Engelberg told the Associated Press in a telephone interview. “Then I made him laugh. I said, ‘Joe, we must be in heaven together.'” The two were watching a tape of “Gunfight at the OK Corral” — DiMaggio’s favorite Western — at the baseball great’s home in Hollywood FL on Sunday. They happened to stop the tape just when the report appeared as a “crawl” — words running across the screen — during “Dateline NBC.” (NBC ran another crawl about 20 minutes later, saying its previous report was inaccurate.) DiMaggio, recovering from pneumonia and lung cancer surgery on Oct. 12, already was upset by a story in New York’s Daily News that described him as bedridden and in grave condition. Engelberg, who lives next door to the 84-year-old DiMaggio and visits him at least once a day, called the newspaper report “absurd.”

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