Deals for 'Pie' Men & Mike Myers

Chris and Paul Weitz, the two brothers behind the smash sophomoric summer picture “American Pie,” are bringing their wild brand of comedy to the small screen, reports Variety. They have snagged a series commitment from the WB Network. In a move indicating its desire to become a serious sitcom player, the WB (as the network calls itself) has shelled out a high six-figure sum for 13 episodes of a comedy to be written and executive-produced by the Weitzes. (The WB is owned and operated by Time Warner, the parent corporation of PEOPLE.)

  • In another show-biz deal, Mike Myers is poised to sign a two-picture deal with Universal and Imagine Entertainment that will pay him $20 million to star in “Sprockets,” based on a character he created for “Saturday Night Live.” Myers’s “Sprockets” persona, that of a crazed German film fan, once attacked Eddie Munster on “SNL” for not being an intellectual.
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