See how a pair of ladylike hands made $4.9 million on YouTube last year

By Kelli Bender
Updated January 22, 2015 03:10 PM

It wasn’t flash mobs, sassy kids or impressive dances that ruled YouTube in 2014; it was a pair of hands with perfectly painted fingernails.

YouTube user DC Toy Collector made an estimated $4.9 million off of videos in 2014 according to OpenSlate, a platform that analyzes ad-supported YouTube content.

DC Toy Collector’s videos are straightforward. Each clip features the hands of a young woman unwrapping a new toy, along with a soft female voice describing the brightly-colored pieces inside.

So far, no one has been able to identify who the hands and voice belong to, nor who is operating the popular channel. Messages sent to the account go unanswered and research has provided no clear answers, reports Fusion.

Buzzfeed reported that DC Toy Collector could be a 43-year-old Brazilian woman living in Florida, while New York Times contributor Mireille Silcoff believes the creator is a 21-year-old Brazilian woman living in New York named Melissa Lima. But neither of the outlets are certain they have unmasked the famous unboxer.

Whoever she is, one thing is clear – she is flush with YouTube money.

The DC Toy Collector account started in 2012 and has uploaded about a video a day since its creation. The channel is part of a new online video trend known as “unboxing,” where users pick one type of product (toys, electronics, clothes, makeup) and exhaustively discuss and showcase new items in their selected niche. Some of these accounts, like DC Toy Collector, have no obvious sponsorships, making their money through ad-supported videos instead.

The cash can add up quickly for DC Toy Collector and other popular accounts that upload daily videos, with each clip amassing hundreds of thousands of views. It’s a simple formula that DC Toy Collector capitalized on early with Disney and other kids toys, making die-hard fans out of children and their families who enjoy the woman’s soothing voice.

“Beyond the data, I don’t really know much about the channel,” OpenSlate’s Kate Ritchie told PEOPLE. “It’s been plaguing me. I don’t understand it.”

“While most YouTubers are talking to the camera and have become celebrities, she’s definitely still under-the-radar in terms of who she actually is,” Ritchie continued. “She’s super well-known, but no one knows what her face looks like.”

OpenSlate reached its $4.9 million figure by looking at the account’s subscribers, social media reach and average monthly view count. To watch the rest of YouTube’s top earners and get your own ideas on how to make millions online, see the full list here.

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