YouTube prankster Dawson "Big Daws" Gurley immediately returned all donors' cash contributions – plus $20

It’s hard to repay the kindness of strangers, but $20 certainly helps.

YouTube prankster Dawson Gurley, better known by his YouTube moniker Big Daws, usually makes videos that show how innocent bystanders react to inappropriate behavior – for example, eating junk food while working out in the gym or a very public and very unsuccessful marriage proposal.

A recent video, however, highlighted the most generous people in his Tempe, Arizona, community: those willing to offer money to someone in need. In the video, Gurley pretends to be a homeless panhandler. When anyone offers him money, he immediately reveals the ruse, returns the donation and then offers the kind soul $20.

It’s instant karmic payback in the best possible way.

It doesn’t end there. According to a news report by Arizona’s KNXV, Gurley is accepting donations to help Charna Foley, the homeless woman featured at the end of the clip. Those wanting to donate can do so via PayPal, and Gurley said he intends to feature Foley’s story in an upcoming video.

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